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7 Must-Ask Questions during Your Interview

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Summary: Use these seven questions to help you ace your next interview so that the interviewer will remember how serious you are about the job and excelling in the position.

Job candidates that ask questions at the end of their interview will be remembered. With the possibility of hundreds of people applying for the same job and a good handful of those being selected to interview, finding a way to set yourself apart is important. Here are seven questions that will help make you memorable:

  1. Why is this position available?

There is a lot of insight that can be gleaned from where the position came from. If it is a new one or available because someone left will tell you what the likelihood of success will be. A new position indicates the company is growing or that someone else had too many responsibilities. If they are replacing someone, listen for hints as to why such as “They couldn’t handle the hours.”

  1. What is the most important part of this role?

This question allows you to learn what the interviewer is really looking for in the ideal candidate. They may provide insight such as “This position works alongside the sales team, so having a sense of humor when it is deadline time is important.”

  1. What are the skills needed to excel in this job?

A candidate that asks this question is showing that they truly care about what is needed to do well in the job. If you lack certain skills, being honest about that but providing a plan to address your weakness will go far with the interviewer. If you have the skills needed, but they weren’t specifically addressed on your resume, now you have the chance to make connections to those skills.

  1. What do you enjoy most about working here?

Directing the conversation to the interviewer gives them the chance to talk about themselves and the company. Showing interest in their opinions and the company’s culture will greatly help your chances.

  1. What are the prospects for growth in this job?

A candidate that asks this question is indicating their interest in job growth within the company compared to job hopping to a better opportunity. Companies want employees that stick around and grow in the company. Their answer to this question will also show you if the company works hard to help their employees reach their career goals.

  1. When are you looking for the right candidate to start?

Stating that the earliest you can start is two weeks because you want to give your current boss plenty of notice shows you respect your boss and have ethical values. It is also nice for your benefit to know if they aren’t looking to fill the position for another three months.

  1. Can I have a quick tour of the office?

Show your serious interest in the job by asking this question. Finding out if the workspace and culture is comfortable for you is important in helping you decide if you want to accept a job offer. If the interviewer says “no,” then you should be concerned that the company is too busy and won’t prioritize your comfort in the future, as well as the probability that you are not on the short list. A company interviewing their top candidates will be very willing to meet their needs and “show off” the company.

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Authored by: Amanda Griffin