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30 Things You Can Do to Enjoy Life More and Reduce Stress

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stress at work

Summary: Help get rid of or at least reduce stress from work so that you can focus better and enjoy life by following these 30 tips.

There is no denying that work can stress you out to the max. Some stress is normal but allowing it to take over your life will only ruin it. In order to combat the stresses in your life and enjoy everything a bit more, follow these tips to help you get away from the stress and take little breaks so that the overall amount of stress you face can be reduced.

Before Work:

  1. Don’t hit the snooze button.
  2. Get energized by sitting in the shower for a few minutes.
  3. Don’t wake up in a dark room, leave your curtains partially open to light the morning light in.
  4. Practice some yoga or get in some stretches to loosen your body out.
  5. Don’t make decisions when you are still waking up. Get everything figured out the night before.
  6. Apply pressure to the skin between your thumb and index finger. It is amazing how this simple Chinese medicine technique can actually work.
  7. Don’t leave the house without drinking something.
  8. You can reduce your stress hormones by just smelling coffee.
  9. Don’t eat breakfast on the go. Chances are you will opt for something less healthy and filled with more sugar, which contributes to stress.
  10. Once you have enjoyed a hearty breakfast, sip a nice cup of homemade coffee. This will perk you up plus it saves a few bucks instead of buying from a pricey coffee shop every morning.

During Your Lunch Break:

  1. Getting out into the sun can help lift your mood.
  2. Don’t just sit at your desk and do nothing.
  3. Spend a few minutes looking out of the window to get your mind off of work.
  4. Don’t do the same thing for your lunch break everyday. Try new places to walk or eat as a way of changing things up.
  5. Keep your desk clean by spending a few minutes de-cluttering your desktop.
  6. Don’t eat fast food; they are high in fat and salt which increases stress levels.
  7. Dripping cold water onto your wrists can help cool you down and calm your emotions.
  8. Don’t waste your time doing nothing. There are plenty of places where you can go for free just to walk around, such as galleries and museums.
  9. Opt for herbal tea with chamomile, which aids in relaxation.
  10. Don’t pay for lunch entertainment. There are always free concerts and performances you can drop into during your lunch break to get a change of pace from the hectic office environment.

After Work:

  1. Give yourself five minutes of alone time to clear your head.
  2. Don’t leave work without tying up the loose ends otherwise you will be constantly thinking about it at home.
  3. Call up someone you care about to get things off your chest or to just talk.
  4. Don’t bring work home with you so you can continue to stress over it.
  5. Challenge your mind with a crossword puzzle.
  6. Don’t waste your commute home. Use the time to listen to podcasts, uplifting music, read a book, or even walk or bike if possible to give yourself some physical activity.
  7. Dark chocolate is not only said to be good for you but chocolate is proven to help de-stress.
  8. Don’t forget to eat a good dinner to refuel your body before bed.
  9. Turn on classical music before bed to relax your mind.
  10. Don’t end the day on a negative note. Do or think of something positive so that you wake up remembering that happy thing.

What do you like to do to reduce stress? Share your experiences with us in the comments below.

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30 Things You Can Do to Enjoy Life More and Reduce Stress by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin