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Four Ways to De-Stress While at Work

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de-stress at work

Summary: Stress at work can prevent progression and cause severe burnout but there are ways to limit stress and make each day go more smoothly.

Whether in school or working a full-time career, you will still experience busy days. Often times, that busy day is accompanied by stress. While you probably can’t avoid busy days, you can avoid the stress. The key is to how you approach stress.

You don’t have to wait till you get home from work to de-stress. When the stress reaches a limit that you feel might break you, take a deep breath. Everyone says to do this because it actually does work. Watching your breathing lets you put you the focus on something you can control.

When the stress starts to make you shut-down, get up and move around. If the weather is nice outside take a quick walk outside to clear your mind. If you have to stay inside, still walk around the floor to get a change of scenery. Increased blood flow can improve your brain performance plus taking a break from whatever project is causing stress will give you fresh eyes when you look at it again.

Have someone that you can turn to and call when things get stressful. This person should be able to lift your spirits either through their ability to listen, positive attitude, sense of humor, or just who they are. After talking with them for a few minutes, you should be refreshed and ready to go.

A distraction here and there can be a good thing. No matter how focused you are, studying or working eight hours straight will be difficult. Give yourself a few breaks during the day to de-stress. These breaks can be taking a walk, reading a few funny quotes, or whatever is still approved by your company.

Not everything works for everyone and for some, their levels of stress are so high that they need to get help from a supervisor to spread their responsibilities out to others.


Four Ways to De-Stress While at Work by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin