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Managing Your Mailing List

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I subscribe to quite a few different email lists. I receive newsletters, links to ezine sites, special sales bulletins, articles on self improvement, and even regular updates on the progress of my favorite science fiction pictures. I’m a big fan of information, and thanks to electronic mail, I can receive loads of it on a daily basis.

It’s great to open my inbox and find an insightful article that helps me put a current dilemma into balanced perspective. It’s also pretty nice to find that software I’ve had my eye on being sold at half price to members of the company’s mailing list. A well managed mailing list is a valuable service that I’m happy to take advantage of.

On the other hand, I’m less than thrilled when I find a message about viagra from someone who told me their newsletter was going to include some great business tips. I’m also not entirely pleased to receive daily updates on the latest pre-launch hogwash from that guy who offered me the email marketing course. And why, someone tell me, do so many people insist on sending me the same articles by Corey Rudl or Yanik Silver? A poorly managed mailing list is a sad thing that puts me somewhere between irritation and sympathy.

I mean, someone obviously got my attention, and even convinced me to fill out a form to receive more information. They got off to a great start, and who knows where things could have gone.

If they had offered some legitimate communication instead of a bunch of garbage, I may not have unsubscribed from their list. In fact, if they had given me some quality info and worked to build a relationship with me, I may well have become their next loyal customer.

Your opt-in mailing list is arguably the most important asset you have as a network marketer. It is imperative that you manage this list in a professional, intelligent manner if you plan to build a successful operation.

Here a few things to keep in mind when working your opt-in leads.

1. Give them what you offered. If you promote a newsletter that focuses on retail skiing equipment, you are likely to agitate your readers by sending them adverts about big savings on fly fishing gear.

2. Be clear about your mailing intervals up front, and make a good effort to maintain this schedule. While additional mailings are sometimes appropriate, sending out “special” notices too often is going to devalue your credibility.

3. Always offer your prospects the option of contacting you directly. Let them know on a regular basis that you’d like to hear from them, and give them your personal email or phone number to open up the lines of communication. People will respond much better to someone who is accessible.

4. Keep your “pitches” realistic and grounded. An honest recommendation about a product you have used and benefited from is much better than the hyped up “best thing since sliced bread” copy you find in your affiliate program’s member area.

5. Be yourself! To build a proper relationship, you must be honest about who you are and what you want. Don’t worry about trying to impress your readers with rehashed “guru speak”.
Email marketing is a great way to build your business. If you apply sound judgement to the management of your opt-in list, you will be rewarded with new relationships and return customers.

Managing Your Mailing List by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes