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Chicago-Area School District Faced With Layoffs

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chicagopublicschoolscps_160Chicago-land’s Community School District 300 has announced millions of dollars in proposed cuts as a result of delayed state payments they believe might never come.

Superintendent Ken Arndt has proposed $6.4 million in cuts for the 2010-11 school year. Included in those cuts will be 40 layoffs, seven summer furlough days for year-round staff, reduced rates for long-term substitute teachers and deferring technology upgrades. Also included in the proposal is the termination of physical education and music for kindergartners.

“We’re willing to look at all and any options from now to February 22,” Anrdt said Monday.

President of the Board Joe Stevens supported residents to contact the board, as well as the district staff with their ideas and thoughts on the proposed cuts.

Chicago-Area School District Faced With Layoffs by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes