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The Meeting Planner’s Online Advantage: 6 Ways To Reduce 55% Of Your Daily Workload

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Here are 6 things you can accomplish TODAY by switching to a fully-automated registration system:

  1. Stop shuffling data.
If you use Excel spreadsheets and/or Access databases to organize your data, then you have the ongoing task of transferring and compiling data to get the totals you need for your event. Eliminate these ongoing hassles by using a computerized system that automatically compiles and tallies all of your data for you… in real-time.

  2. Eliminate manual follow-ups.
When someone registers using paper or a web form, your manual work has just begun… printing, copying, folding, mailing, emailing, rinse & repeat. Eliminate these time-consuming activities by using online registration. The fully-automated system will email everyone right when they register with their receipt, invoice and event materials.

  3. Process payments and credit cards automatically.
Accepting credit card payments but manually processing them exposes you to entry errors – or worse, a declined card. Or you can just accept checks – taking longer to collect money. Eliminate these extra steps by having your system accept and process credit card and check payments for you … the moment someone registers.

  4. Provide a self-service option.
Registrants will inevitably need to make changes. Avoid an influx of calls and email requests that interrupt your work day. Give your registrants the power of self-service with an automated system, which allows them to make their own changes in real-time.

  5. End wait-list management.
Limited space or popular events that sell-out quickly can become a burden to coordinate when you start receiving cancellations and wait-list requests. Take this task off your “to-do list” – accept waitlist requests online, and automatically notify your waitlisted registrants when space becomes available.

  6. Make data entry obsolete.
If you are using paper registrations or web forms that get emailed to you, then you have data entry or transfer hassles… a time consuming process that leaves you struggling with illegible handwriting and correcting wrong information. Eliminate these hassles by using an automated system, which collects and organizes registrant data online.

A fully-automated, online registration system eliminates 55% of meeting planners’ registration hassles and workload.

The Meeting Planner's Online Advantage: 6 Ways To Reduce 55% Of Your Daily Workload by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes