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Human resources jobs: Michigan job opportunities

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Impact business group

The industry type is basically manufacturing. A full time HR employee is someone this organization is really looking forward to. The person must be a real enthusiast who would take the responsibility of human capital management, communications and personal relations, and handle the issues of corporate affairs of the institute. People development and exceptional talent management skills are something that are hugely required.

If you are interested in this job then you better be ready to work with functional leadership teams and organizations that share a broad perspective. As the individual would live up t the expectations of people they would naturally be handed over with more responsibilities. So naturally there would be a huge scope to grow as a professional individual in this organization.

But for this position this organization demands a minimum experience of 5 years in the field of Human Resource. Along with that a 3 years experience is required in the field of human resource business partnership.

Interpersonal and good communication skills are required for this job. An undergraduate degree in business of HR is required for this job.

Northwest Michigan HR job

The industry is mainly automotive industry and the job provided is that of a full time employer. A minimum experience of more than 2 years is required for this job. They are looking for an efficient professional who would be in a position to head their dynamic HR team in their organization. The company really prides itself over the production of quality parts for their client automotive industry. This is the reason why they are looking for an experienced candidate for this job.

3 years of labor relations and experience in negotiation are highly desired in this case. A unique quality of maintaining confidential issues is something that the company is really looking forward to. Microsoft Excel and word should be something with which they should feel very well versed. The candidate should have no problem in travelling for the purpose of work whenever demanded.

Human resource manager work at canton in Michigan

Auto warehousing company is a very well reputed and well known company looking for a person who can shoulder the responsibilities of a human resource manager quite successfully. They are looking for HR personnel with a minimum experience of 5 to 7 years in this field. A competitive salary with many more benefits are offered by them and if any one is interested then they should mail their resume to

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes