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Brown Touts Jobs Plan

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californiaflag_160x120On Sunday California Gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown (D) spoke about his plan to decrease unemployment in California (which currently stands at 12.3%). He proposed to invest heavily in green technology, particularly in renewable energy, with a goal a producing 20,000 additional megawatts of renewable energy by 2020. Brown said that the new green jobs generated by his plan could number up to 500,000.

“Today,” said Brown, “our state has a visionary plan that will not only combat global warming, but will also reduce foreign energy dependence and unhealthy air emissions.”

Andrea Jones Rivera, spokeswoman for Brown’s Republican opponent Meg Whitman, countered that Brown’s record on jobs is weak: “During his [previous] eight years as governor, Jerry Brown left the state with a then-record unemployment rate and 1.3 million Californians out of work.”

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes