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Amazon May Have a Better Grasp on Workplace Culture

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Summary: Although it may seem that Amazon’s rules and workplace environment fosters cruelty, they may be ahead of the game in how workplaces should be managed.

Amazon certainly is not the right place to work for everyone. With numerous reports of the hostile and challenging work environment from former employees, it is no wonder that they keep their daily business operations secretive.

New recruits are told to forget the habits they have learned at previous jobs. They are then told that when the heavy workload causes them to “hit the wall”, then need to “climb the wall.” There are 14 leadership principles or rules that all Amazon workers follow.

Everyone is encouraged to tear down the ideas of their fellow co-workers so that the best idea wins but this practice leads to the frequent scene of people crying at their desk. Employees are expected to work late hours and will be called out when they don’t. An internal phone directory instructs colleagues on how to give secret feedback to each other’s bosses, which is frequently used as sabotage.

Amazon knows that most new hires will not last more than a few years but that means that those that do make it, are worthy of the title of being an Amazonian. Despite the negative work environment factors, Amazon has been accomplishing things that other companies can’t even consider. Amazon was named the most valuable retailer in the country, ahead of Walmart, with a total market value of $250 billion. The founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos is the fifth-wealthiest man in the world according to Forbes.

Many that worked at the company now look back and are thankful for the lessons they learned. Some never knew they were capable of accomplishing what they did, while others understand that harsh standards are sometimes necessary to produce excellence from employees.



Amazon May Have a Better Grasp on Workplace Culture by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin