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47 Employees Get The Axe At Mississippi Hospital

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47 employees from Memorial Hospital in Gulfport, Mississippi were let go on Friday. According to officials at the hospital, the hospital is faced with an $11 million shortfall. The layoffs are part of a series of measures the hospital will take to cut costs.

35 of the 47 employees were full-time, six worked more than 20 hours a week, and the other six work 20 hours or less. Ten nurses were among those laid off.

No doctors were affected by the layoffs. CEO Gary Marchand said the hospital was “still dealing with physician shortages.”

Marchand also noted that the hospital would try to fit as many of the 35 full-time employees into the 31 vacant positions left available at the hospital. “Obviously, it will be up to the employee,” said Marcand. But we are going to try to fit some of the full-timers into those positions.

47 Employees Get The Axe At Mississippi Hospital by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes