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Oshkosh to Generate Over 750 New Jobs

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oshkosh_160x120 Oshkosh Corp., a US company that designs and manufactures specialty trucks and truck bodies based in Wisconsin, announced plans to add over 750 new jobs in response to new military contracts. Oshkosh officials said that 23,000 new trucks will be built. The hiring, which includes assemblers, welders and other skilled-trades positions, is slated for February. The 750 new jobs are set for completion over the next two years.

John Daggett, Oshkosh spokesman, said “This is a tremendous boom for us and potential employees.” Daggett added that Oshkosh is now increasing its production to meet the targets. “A lot of these vehicles will be built in 2012 and 2013. The company is doubling its production schedule. Hiring could take place fairly quickly and is tied specifically to the FMTV work that’s just getting under way. After that, it all depends on what happens down the road.”

Oshkosh currently employs about 2,700 manufacturing workers producing military vehicles. The hiring of additional workers is part of the $3 billion US Army contract won by the company in 2009 that requires its to build FMTVs (Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles).

Oshkosh to Generate Over 750 New Jobs by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes