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How to Make That First Job Worthwhile

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first real job

Summary: The first real job we have can be a struggle as we work long hours of grunt work for very little pay, just to prove that we are a valuable asset for any company to have.

Most, if not all, of us have had that first real job after college where the pay was small and the hours were long. We sacrifice a social life, sleep, and good food in order to take that low-paying job with our dream company. The valuable lessons we can gain from working these kinds of jobs are irreplaceable. When the time comes that we need a reminder that the job is worth it, we have you taken care of.

Look for the positives. While some might tell you that having a job is better than nothing that often doesn’t help. Look at the other aspects of the job that make it worth it like being able to meet leaders in your industry or learning a skill that will be essential for other jobs down the road.

Use time that you aren’t working to pursue passions and goals. If you spend a lot of time commuting to the job, read or listen to things that pertain to your dream career so you can learn all you need to know about the industry. Use the weekends to conduct informational interviews and network.

Collect completed projects. Whenever you finish a big project ask if you can keep a copy of it and then place it in a binder at home. Collect copies from every project or task that you complete until you have a big binder full of examples of the type of work you do for your next interview.


How to Make That First Job Worthwhile by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin