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AT&T Teams Up With Placecast To Bring You ‘Shop Alerts’

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ATTAs previously reported by Advertisement Journal, advertising via Smart Phones is going to become increasingly location-based.

It was just recently announced that AT&T has joined up with the location-based advertising firm Placecast in order to bring their customers what is being called “Shop Alerts.”

Not to worry, for those of you who would just rather be left alone, these Shop Alerts are an opt-in program. Customers can sign up for them via their phone or on the AT&T website.

The way they work is that when a subscriber, who has opted-in, walks into a virtual perimeter of a participating retailer, they are notified by a text message about a particular sale or product available at that location.

In addition to marketing products, the new messages will contain useful information such as weather and traffic information.

AT&T Teams Up With Placecast To Bring You 'Shop Alerts' by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes