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Holiday Ads Reach Overkill in United States

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As Thanksgiving bears down on us, which means Black Friday and Cyber Monday are around the corner as well, companies are shoving ads down our throats 24/7. No matter where you turn there are ads touting toys, electronics, furniture, cars and gifts of all kinds. The television, internet, radio and newspaper industries in the United States are covered in ads that stuff products and services down our throats during this joyous holiday season.

There really is no way around these ads because they are everywhere you look. Even when you are at the movies, forget the ads during the previews, you are pummeled with ads during the feature presentation. Actors and actresses in the movies are drinking Pepsi and Coke instead of a generic soda or are eating Reese’s instead of a generic candy bar. You simply cannot get away from the advertising in this country.

“What can I do. I need to attract business. That means advertising, and I’m sorry if it’s overkill to you,” explained local Coos Bay, Oregon business owner Claude. “They tell me so many hundreds of thousands will see my ads online. They show me the figures and it makes sense. You see the customer searches for ideas for the home. Then my ad pops up and hopefully they will visit me in Coos Bay. Even with all my ads out there, business is terrible.

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Things have gotten so bad in the United States when it comes to advertising and shopping that stores will be open all day on Thanksgiving, will open at 10pm Thanksgiving night, or will open at midnight Friday morning all so customers can get the best deals on the latest products. People begin camping out in front of stores beginning on Thanksgiving morning in an effort to be the first in line, or the first ten people in line, so they can rush into the store and grab the most popular products.

In some instances, if you are watching one television channel for more than an hour or so, you will surely come across the same advertisement at least three times in that one hour span. If you do not believe me, the next time you are watching television, make sure you take note of the advertisements you see over a specific amount of time. This will help you realize how bad the advertisements have become. In all honesty, this cannot be blamed on advertising companies. In fact, this should be blamed on the businesses purchasing ad time on television and radio stations. They are doing anything to jump start their business during this tough economy.

Holiday Ads Reach Overkill in United States by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes