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What Do You Think of Hillary’s Campaign Logo?

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Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign Logo

Logos can significantly impact a consumer’s loyalty to a brand. A powerful and clever logo will differentiate yours from other similar brands and keep customers coming back. A bad logo will be forgotten and only hurt a company’s efforts to succeed. For a presidential campaign, the logo needs to help demonstrate the ideals and objectives of the candidate.

Sunday marked the day that Hillary Clinton formally announced her campaign for President. Hillary may be a strong candidate, but her logo is lacking. It is a big blue H with a red arrow through it that points to the right (see the above picture). The colors are patriotic with blue symbolizing authoritative, serene and dignified and red signifying danger, action and passion. However, its simplicity leaves room for the critics to twist it into their own amusement.

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Some such critics have tweeted the image turned with the arrow pointing up, calling it a speed boost. Or turn the image with the arrow down and it is seen as equality going down. Other critics have added words such as “I’m with stupid” or “delete message”. The image can be recreated using children’s blocks, inciting the comment that a four-year made the logo. Ultimately, the logo is weak and is far from comparing to President Obama’s logo that he used for two elections or even George W. Bush’s 2004 logo.

Overall, Hillary’s logo seems to remind people of a nautical themed hospital. Time will tell how effective her logo is for her campaign. Some argue that any attention is good attention even if it isn’t always positive.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin