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Mobile Advertising Trends

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Smart Phones

One of the quickest growing industries in the world is that of mobile advertising. It is estimated that spending for mobile advertising will reach $4 billion across the globe this year. Five mobile advertising trends have been outlined by GigaOM recently.

Better Behavior Targets

Mobile advertisers are using traditional ad targeting methods such as a demographic group or context and devices. Within the next five years, mobile advertising will be able to display ads on phones based on the person’s behavior and their current location. Mobile advertising companies have already released some beta programs, one of which has reached 70 percent success level off the bat.

Larger Search for Mobile

One of the biggest reasons for advertising spending is the feature known as mobile search. The majority of mobile money made by Google comes from its mobile search features. People will continue to use mobile devices to search for products and content, with those search numbers rising rapidly in the next five years. When better targeting is employed, advertisers will be able to deliver ads that are more relevant to consumers based on location, keywords, and predictability changes.

Analytics on a Better Scale

Advertisers do not have access to measuring tools for mobile ad campaigns that they would like to see right now. Excellent guidelines have been setup by The Mobile Marketing Association and the Interactive Advertising Bureau. The guidelines are still evolving and not all mobile advertisers are playing the rules that have been established.

Improved Interaction

The majority of mobile ads on phones are delivered using text form or banners. The ads can be clicked on by consumers but do not come across as very interactive. Rich-media advertisements cost more money than text ads or banner ads, which means they are not common amongst mobile ads today. Interactive ads will be incredibly popular and widespread in five years. They will allow consumers to collapse the ad, manipulate the ad, and expand the ad however they like.

Personal Cloud

The social media world and the mobile world are already intertwined today with sites like Gowalla and Foursquare. Within the next five years, there are Stanford researchers who believe that the personal cloud will explode onto the scene. The personal cloud will contain personal data that can be accessed anywhere you go, so long as you have your phone with you. The personal cloud can be shared with any person you choose and can be used to make purchases and perform other tasks.

News, information, weather reports, social networking, search and maps are the most commonly used destinations on mobile phones today. The majority of mobile users typically utilize their browser to search for information than their downloaded applications. United States consumers prefer to use a browser for mobile banking and other secure tasks.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes