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Construction Unemployment Stays the Same in San Antonio

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An analysis recently took place, which was conducted by the Associated General Contractors of America. The analysis proved that the construction sector is holding steady and is staying the same, having gone unchanged.

The latest survey, which included 337 metro areas in the United States, provides information that shows during December of 2010 through December of 2011, the employment rate had increased in just about 148 of the cities being surveyed. In the meantime, 128 of the markets had a decline in the levels of employment. And, 61 of those cities reportedly had no change at all.

The San Antonio area was in the final group, being one of the 61 cities to have no change at all. During the end of 2010, in the month of December, nearly 41,500 individuals were employed within the construction center. After an entire year has passed, the construction sector still reported a total number of 41,500 individuals employed in the area. This is a good sign because it shows the sector is staying strong and steady and has not had a decline.

In Austin, Texas, there was also no change. The construction sector reported 38,300 individuals were employed in December 2010 and that number was unchanged for December of 2011. While both San Antonio and Austin were unchanged and remained steady, other areas in Texas managed to win big.

Fort Worth, Texas added 2,100 employees within the span of one year, from December of 2010 to December 2011. And, Houston added a total of 1,600 employees within that same time period. Fort Worth has reported having just about 55,200 individuals employed within the construction industry while Houston has reported a total of 175,200 employees in the construction industry.

However, while some cities were unchanged and some cities made progress, there were also some cities that saw declines as well. The Dallas, Texas area, unfortunately, shed nearly 4,500 employees within the span of one year, between December of 2010 and December 2011. The Dallas area has reported having about 102,300 employees in its construction industry.

In the nation, the construction spending has gone up, especially as the economy begins to go through a recovery process. In December of 2010, the amount of construction spending was at about $782.9 billion. Just one year later, the spending was at $816.4 billion. It is also believed that the increase in construction spending has been caused by private sector work as well.

Ken Simonson, the chief economist for AGC, has said, “Many communities are benefiting from growing demand from the private sector for new construction activity.” Simonson also says, “Unfortunately, too many other areas are still coping with construction employment losses, as the overall market remains relatively weak.”

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes