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Expected Changes in 2016 to the Workplace

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Summary: Learn what to expect at your workplace during the coming year as technologies continue to advance and an overall change in workplace culture takes hold.

Look back to the changes made at your office during the past year. Chances are furniture changes may have happened as well as freedom to create a more flexible schedule. The changes for 2016 are expected to be right along with 2015 but with a few more updates.

Health – The top searches on Google on January 1st revolve around health topics. The focus on healthier lifestyles is the top priority for a majority of Americans. Expect to see more group wellness challenges in the workplace and changes to healthier snacks in the break room and sanctioned exercise breaks.

Technology – Current technology already allows for a majority of work to be done remotely but expect to see more advances in technology that will allow even more to be done away from the office. Video technology is one specific area that results in greater opportunities to have flexible schedules. Also expect to see more done with Cloud-based platforms that will allow team members to stay more up-to-date with each other’s work instead of email, Excel, and Word documents.

Benefits – More companies are realizing that they need to provide special perks to keep their top talent and attract top talent. The perks are not always going to be in the form of money, but may be more social events at the office.

Freelance – Freelancing will continue to become even more popular as the appeal to work remotely grows. The shift is turning to individuals to be in charge of making their money and advancing their careers.

Wearable technology – Technologies like the Apple Watch was the top item on wish lists this year, creating a very thin line between balancing one’s work and personal life. It has become easier and easier to stay connected with the office when home so completely removing oneself to take a break is a challenge. At the same time, staying connected is easier than ever.

Employer branding – Companies are looking for ways to set themselves apart from the rest. Be ready for less white walls and more customized workplaces to truly reflect a company’s core mission and values.

Giving back – More companies are looking for ways to give back to their direct community or in organizations that are in alignment with the company’s values. Look for more opportunities to raise money for charities and for your company to start up their own non-profits and create partnerships with others.


Expected Changes in 2016 to the Workplace by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin