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Super Bowl Advertisements That Create a Buzz Even after the Game

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The majority of companies advertising during the Super Bowl have high hopes that you will continue talking about the commercial you saw, even after the Super Bowl is over. They are not only hoping that you will be talking about the commercial the next day, on Monday, but are also hoping that the commercial is something that you will continue to talk about all throughout the entire year.

The Super Bowl seems to be one of the best moments for advertisers because it is the most watched televised program, with millions of viewers. In fact, more than 111 million viewers are expected to watch the Super Bowl game that will take place this Sunday. It is also a major gamble for many companies, especially because the cost of a 30-second commercial spot was, on average, around $3.5 million this year. Marketers chose to take the risk, believing that it will pay off in the long run. An advertisement that is successful and is viewed by so many people can actually create a buzz that lasts a long time, even after the game is over.

Allen Adamson, the managing director for Landor Associates, has said, “If you do it well, it has the opportunity to set your company straight or change the direction of your company.” He also says, “You’ll never get all those people in one room again until next year.”

There are three advertisements from last year that seemed to be the best out of all the advertisements. May the force be with you was, by far, one of the most popular advertisements. The advertisement was for Volkswagen and featured a Star Wars advertisement, featuring a little boy in Darth Vader costume with an adorably cute plot.

Volkswagen took a huge risk, because they released the advertisement prior to the game, which is something the vast majority of advertisers did not do. However, this risky move actually paid off because the advertisement became a huge hit on YouTube, with 49 million viewers ever since. It became Number 3 on the Ad Meter of USA Today, the company that ranks the commercials featured during the Super Bowl.

The advertisement was a win-win situation, helping out all of those who were involved. The advertisement helped the sales of the vehicle, the new sedan, along with creating a celebrity out of the 6 year old actor, Max Pagehasm.

Because of the advertisements success last year, Volkswagen is continuing its Star Wars theme but will be advertising for the Volkswagen Beetle instead. They have released a sneak peek of the commercial which shows that dogs will be dressed up as different Star Wars characters. The advertisement has already had 10 million views and the Super Bowl is not even here yet!

Super Bowl Advertisements That Create a Buzz Even after the Game by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes