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Super Bowl Viewers and Social Media Platforms

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With the Super Bowl over, the 111 million viewers were expected to use a number of social media websites while watching the game. The Super Bowl, which will was aired on February 5th, featured the Giants vs. the Patriots, was one of the most televised event of the year, with millions of viewers tuning in. And, with so many people watching the game, the expectations for the number of Tweets and posts on Facebook are tremendous, as people will be using many devices, laptops, tables, mobile phones, to connect with these social media platforms. And, while this is just an estimate, the advertisers are truly hoping this will be the actual outcome for Super Bowl Sunday.

The Super Bowl has turned into such an important day for advertisers. Companies are sure to secure a spot for their advertisements as a means of reaching the large audience, with millions of viewers. And, advertisers have worked very hard to provide sneak peeks for their commercials, featuring shorter versions of the advertisement online and in movie theaters. In fact, one spot during the Super Bowl will cost, on average, about $3.5 million. This makes a lot of sense as to why advertisers are trying to make the most of their money, even before the advertisements have aired. A lot of advertisers are trying to encourage viewers to talk about the commercials on social media platforms, specifically on Twitter and Facebook.

There have also been some new reports made, stating that Facebook and USA Today will be linking up together to create a new app, the Ad Meter app, which will allow viewers of the Super Bowl advertisements to rate the advertisements and then share them with their friends on Facebook. The rating will also be used for USA Today’s yearly commercial ratings, which used to be based solely on the decisions of only 300 viewers. However, with the new app, people from all over will be able to add their opinion and 2 cents into the mix.

In fact, one company in particular, the Coca-Cola Company, is using its iconic polar bear theme; with some cool online features, as a means of getting viewers to head over to the Coca Cola Facebook page or even follow the company on Twitter. The Polar Bears will also have their own Twitter hashtag during the game. How exciting!

In the meantime, the San Francisco Chronicle reports that viewers of the Super Bowl advertisements can easily look through the components of the Super Bowl commercials by using their smartphone and aiming it towards the television.

The E*Trade company will, once again, be using the talking baby in its commercial. And, the company prepared a survey which proved that at least one-third of the individuals viewing the Super Bowl plan to use social media websites while watching the game.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes