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Career Opportunity for Unemployed Writers

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In the United States, it seems as though the employment levels are finally improving. Progress is being made and although the progress it moving at such a slow pace, something is definitely better than nothing. The United States Department of Labor has provided information which states that the national unemployment rate is at just about 8.3%. A little over one year ago, the unemployment rate was at 9% which proves that more employment opportunities are being made available and more people are becoming employed. A lot of companies are finally picking up the pace, hiring more employees and continuing to run their business as they normally would, especially before the recession.

When the economy was at its worst, due to the crippling Great Recession, the workforce was hoping for a day when unemployment levels would decline and employment would pick up again. Because of this, many employers underwent training as a means of gaining skills that could be needed when the employment picked up. However, some professionals are, unfortunately, still out of work. These professionals are writers.

A lot of writers that were laid off during and after the recession have made attempts to work online for different writing companies but are, unfortunately, competing in a very tough and stiff market. There is a large demand for good writers. However, the market is full of people who think they have what it takes to be these professional writers just because they can type out a few sentences that sound decent. This has caused a lot of frustration for unemployed writers. Making a career change would, in this instance, be somewhat wise.

Those who work as freelance writers and are interested in receiving a paycheck may want to get into the technical communication field. Of course, this career does require that individuals have the necessary training for the job but it is very well worth the effort. Technical communicators are constantly growing as technology continues to grow and develop.

A Tech Comm U student, Emmanuel Sullivan, has said that because technology continues to evolve, there is a huge demand for the technical communicators who can get the job done. And, technical communicators have about one main goal, which is staying relevant as the technological industry rapidly changes as each month passes by.

Tech Comm U is the right place to go for those who want affordable training that enables them to learn the training and skills they need to work in the technical communication field. Tech Comm U offers a variety of different classes, which includes technical writing and some instructional design classes as well. These classes can come in handy for those who are interested in making a career change that will not only satisfy them but will also help them to find the employment they have been seeking and earn a decent income.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes