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Mobile Media Sales Drastically Increase

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It seems 2011 was one great year for mobile media sales, as during this year, the consumer spending through all sorts of media content, both apps and other types of services, has reached over $100 billion. This information was provided by the Global Mobile Media Forecast. It is also believed that during this year of 2012, the spending for mobile media will only continue to increase, from $121.8 billion during 2011 up to $138.2 billion by the time 2012 is at its end. This would be an increase of 13.4% which is definitely a major move. The amount of money spent on advertising will also increase and is expected to actually double, as marketers and advertisers want in on what it is happening right now, and that is mobile media. Advertiser spending will most likely be at $11.6 billion by the end of the year.

Mobile media includes a broad range of technological devices, ranging from cell phones, apps, music, and other types of advertising that has to do with videos. Consumers spend the vast majority of their money on their data plans. And, the primary reason that mobile media seems to be growing is because the number of people purchasing smartphones is increasing as well. And, with the smartphones come apps. Everyone with a smartphone usually ends up buying at least a few apps, whether it is a game, a tool, or a useful app. In 2011, consumers had already downloaded over 23 billion apps and this is expected to increase during 2012, likely by about 40%.

Apps are the second reason that sales have been so large, for the consumers and for the advertisers too. Consumers purchase these apps because they find them useful or enjoyable and in the meantime, advertisers purchase ad space within these apps as a means of grasping the attention of different smartphone users. Advertisers are constantly looking for ways to get the attention of consumers and as more people are carrying smartphones and buying apps, they want in on this type of mobile media. It has simply become a part of their advertising strategy. In the meantime, music has also accounted for being a major category when it comes to mobile media. It accounts for $16.0 billion of the consumer spending.

As apps continue to grow and expand, mobile video is increasing as well. People are beginning to watch an assortment of videos on their mobile phones and that is expected to increase as each year passes by. In 2011, 108 billon videos had been viewed on mobile phones. But, by the end of 2012, that rate will likely be at about 280 billion, which is nearly triple the amount of videos viewed from just one year prior. It is expected that during 2012, consumers in the United States will spend about $6.7 billion on mobile media.

Mobile Media Sales Drastically Increase by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes