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Advertising Agency Hires Veteran Advertiser

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The Luxus Incorporation, known for being a digital advertisement agency for a number of widely-popular brands, which includes Nokia, PepsiCo, and Oracle Corporation, recently made the announcement of hiring Rick Corteville as their Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Rick will be added as the new member of the team for Luxus, which is a team full of executives who work well with one another to ensure that everything is done in an efficient manner. He will be working alongside of people like Jason Kinne, the executive director, and Brad Bevill, the managing director. He will be located in an office in the San Francisco area, reporting straight to Pasi Voho, who is the Founder of Luxus.

With Rick’s new position, he will be leading all operations that are based in the United States and will be working to increase the strength that Luxus has as a digital agency, especially when it comes to creating such amazing advertisement with the laser focus. He will also be collaborating with other teams to help with the clients that come from different areas of the world, outside of the country.

This was a smart move for Luxus, to hire Rick Corteville, as he is known for being an advertising veteran. Before becoming part of the Luxus team, he worked in a number of different positions, which includes working at Zenith Optimedia and Organic Incorporation. He has worked for a number of clients in the past, ranging from Coca-Cola to Mastercard and even Jack Daniels. He has managed to gain quite the experience within the past 15 years of working with advertising.

Pasi Voho could not be more ecstatic about having Rick join the team. Voho says that the entire Luxus team is excited to have Rick on board and claims that they cannot wait for him to take the lead for their North America department. She believes that with all of the experience he has gathered over the years, he will be able to create much success with clients while also opening up the doors for new clients, creating new business. She believes he was the perfect choice for the position and knows he will contribute to the success of the company, along with the other employees, Brad, Sami, and Jason. Voho expects Rick to accelerate in his new environment.

In the meantime, the feelings seem to be mutual, as Rick Corteville had nothing but good things to say about Voho and about Luxus as a whole. He says that this is the best position he could have at the moment and that he simply cannot think of anything that beats it. He believes that the people who work for Luxus are all genuine individuals, which is a hard thing to find in the advertising industry. He is looking forward to spreading the word on Luxus and helping it to gain more attention and ultimately more business.

Advertising Agency Hires Veteran Advertiser by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes