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Partnership Helps Military Spouses

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The spouses of military members are having a better time finding employment because of their partnerships. Suzie Schwartz happens to be the wife of the Air Force Chief of Staff, which has given her the chance to meet other families that are in the Air Force and are located in areas all around the United States and in other parts of the world as well. When she has the chance to meet with these families, a major issue that is constantly being brought up is spouse employment. Schwartz said that a new program is in the works and is referred to as the Military Spouse Employment Partnership, which addresses the different challenges that husbands and wives have to deal with when they are in a marriage with a military member who is currently on active duty.

Schwartz says that the primary purpose of the program is to help the spouses so that they are able to find the employment they are looking for. The program is about partnering up with different organizations and corporations that have open positions available, as well as helping the spouses with different services, which would include building resumes and learning interviewing skills. It is important that spouses of active military members can learn the skills and training they need to find employment as well and now, they have the opportunity to take advantage of the program and all that it has to offer.

Reports from the MSEP claim that one in four military spouses is currently out of work and not employed. However, since its first launch almost a year ago, in the end of June in 2011, hundreds and thousands of jobs have been posted and thousands of military spouses have been able to find employment, being hired by the different corporations that have partnered up with the program. Schwartz says that the program has been able to help many and will continue to help thousands of military spouses so that they can get the assistance they are looking for and ultimately find the employment they have been looking for. The program does not guarantee jobs to these individuals but it does make it easier for them to find employment and it also helps them to improve their resumes and interview skills. Spouses often have a hard time finding work, especially if they have been relocated due to their spouse’s active-duty status. The vast majority of these individuals does want to work but are often living in unfamiliar territory and are not sure how to find the kind of job they want and need. Schwartz is happy with the program and understands the struggles, as she is the wife of a military member herself.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes