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Get Your Own Clothing Label Started

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Summary: Have you ever considered creating your own clothing label? Read this simplified introduction to help you understand what you are getting yourself into.

The desire to start a clothing line has to go deep down. The process is not simple and takes time and money to get going. It can be simple to overproduce or miss the market completely. Creativity, resources, and passion can get a label going. Here are some more tips to streamline the process.

  1. Come up with a must-have item- Get creative, it is the only way you will be successful
  2. Develop the design- Sketch your idea in several views to fully capture your idea.
  3. Create a sample- Either sew your own prototype or have one made. Prototypes can be very expensive so make sure your idea is worth it.
  4. Find the source for the materials needed- put in the necessary legwork to find the needed fabric stock at a worthwhile price
  5. Find a factory- while it may not be the most ideal, factories are the best option to mass-produce clothing at an affordable cost
  6. Fund the product- you can rely on your own savings, credit cards, or loans or look into getting investors to fund the clothing label
  7. Sell like crazy- you can start out with an e-commerce store, open a physical store, or use already established sites like Etsy.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin