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Workers Want More Than Just Salaries From Their Bosses This Summer

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Normally, workers and their employers are often locked in disputes, over worker demands and employers refusal to give in to them. So it comes as a refreshing change that what workers want from their bosses this summer is what the employers are willing to give.

A new research by staffing service OfficeTeam, based on talking to more than 400 employees and more than 500 human resources managers, has found that the top benefits that the workers are looking for are flexible schedules and the option to pack up early on Fridays.

Fortunately, for the workers, the research reveals that a majority of the employers are inclined favorably to their desires.

Robert Hosking, executive director of OfficeTeam, explaining why these were the top two benefits that the employers sought said, “Workers appreciate having more control over their schedules as they juggle personal and professional obligations. Organizations that don’t offer summer benefits in some form may be missing out on a way to increase employee morale and retention.”

The research found that 41 percent of the workers wished for bendable schedules, especially during the summer months. A relatively lower 28 percent wanted the flexibility to be extended to allow them to leave early on Friday, to allow them an extended weekend. Workers also said that their companies should organize company picnics and there should be a casual and relaxed dress code over the summer months.

The report shows that most of the employers are giving the workers what they want. 75 percent of employers allowed flexible working schedules and 63 percent permitted workers to wrap up work early on Fridays.

The employers also paid heed to the other demands. More than 50 percent relaxed their dress codes and allowed workers to come in casual clothing, whilst more than a quarter offered company picnics and outings.

A miniscule 6 percent said that they were not inclined to bending rules and were not allowing any benefits this summer.

Employees say that cutting the work week and allowing workers a little extra time for fun and frolic, makes them more productive and happier.

“Employers take note, our survey clearly indicates that if you offer people the ability to take a Summer Friday, they’ll be happier and actually more productive during working hours,” said Jennifer Long, brand director at Patron Spirits, the owner and marketer of Ultimat Vodka.

Hosking expressed apprehension saying, “It’s beneficial to stagger schedules and cross-train individuals so there’s always staff coverage. Conducting regular check-ins with team members who have alternate hours also helps keep projects on track.” “Businesses introducing flexible work arrangements should establish clear policies to ensure productivity isn’t negatively affected,” he concluded.

Workers Want More Than Just Salaries From Their Bosses This Summer by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes