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How to Deal with Negative Employees

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Negative employees

Summary: Employees with bad attitudes often don’t stand out, but their behavior will ruin a workplace with their constant complaining and criticism.

Every office has employees that are less than pleasant. They may not be obvious, but they do exist and they cause a lot of problems. More often these “negative Nancy’s” are good employees that don’t cause big drama. Instead they are like a piece of bad bread that slowly molds and turns the other slices of bread in the bag moldy.

An employee with a bad attitude will affect the rest of the team and their goals. How can you spot this person? Look for someone that always finds a way to complain or blow a co-workers small mistake out of proportion. They will be the one to start gossip or at least be actively involved in rumors that put co-workers at odds. They will also undermine a supervisor’s authority with constant yet silent criticism that is seldom recognized or stopped.

While fixing a bad attitude can require medical attention, there are ways for managers to deal with it. A manager needs to determine how the attitude affects others and impacts the overall office. They can then address the individual and explain to them that that kind of attitude will no longer be accepted. Managers need to be specific about what and how they want the employee to change.



How to Deal with Negative Employees by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin