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Employment Law and NFL Concussion Lawsuit

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At the beginning of the year, two economists made a huge prediction about the National Football League, commonly referred to as the NFL. Tyler Cowan and Kevin Grier have made predictions that within the next two decades, the NFL will no longer be in existence, due to the many lawsuits they receive because of brain injuries that occur. Many retirees of the NFL are now dealing with some serious brain injuries, which could be life threatening.

There are currently thousands of different lawsuits but lawyers are trying to put the many cases together as a way of turning each individual case into a single class action instead, while would be made on behalf of those individual who are retired from the NFL and are dealing with such injuries. It is believed that at this point, the many lawsuits that have been made are very flawed. The NFL has used these flaws in lawsuits as a way of getting out of lawsuits and eliminating their accountability for the injuries that NFL members may be dealing with.

A complaint was filed at some point last week, in which lawyers wanted to be able to represent an entire class of different retirees from the NFL. The complaint states that the NFL has hidden the truth from those individuals who are part of the NFL, not keeping them aware that constant head impact over a period of time could lead to serious brain injuries in the future. In the meantime, a spokesperson for the NFL, Brian McCarthy, says that the NFL has a number of different programs, all of which provided medical assistance and care to those who have retired from the NFL and are in need of the added assistance. McCarthy also pointed out that the NFL has spent over $1 billion on the pensions of players, along with disability benefits.

McCarthy makes it clear that the NFL cares about its players and their safety and will continue to ensure that each player is protected as much as possible. The NFL feels as though allegations of misleading players are simply false and hold no merit. And while there seems to be an increasing amount of players who are filing lawsuit, the vast majority of them are going to have to deal with huge legal obstacles, especially since the NFL is protected by the Federal Labor Law. In the country, there are nearly 80 different lawsuits, representing thousands of NFL players. It is believed that some of the players have chosen to become part of the lawsuit simply because it is simple enough to do and will not cause them a cent. Lawyers representing these individuals will have to prove that the NFL actually hid the truth about the dangers of repeated impact from those who are playing the game.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes