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Radio Advertising Effectiveness

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About 72% of those living in the Ireland area claim to enjoy the products that are available on a local basis but also claim that they would not be willing to pay more money for the local products. This information was first released in a research study from the UTV Radio Solution and iReach Market Research. The study also showed that 76% of the locals believe that their local radio is an excellent source of news and information, trusting it to the fullest. A total of 88% of the locals also believe that advertising on the local radio stations is an effective way to spread the word about a brand. The survey showed that the vast majority of urban dwellers would choose to buy a product that comes from a specific brand, one that they typically would recognize. In the meantime, 61% of these individuals who were surveyed stated that the price of the products would one of the factors in considering whether or not to buy the product. Even so, a total of 96% of the urban dwellers stated that they trust the Irish food that is available locally.

The survey showed that there were more people in the area with disposable income last year than this year. During this year, more individuals have become more about saving their money rather than spending it on overly priced products. Of those who responded to the survey, a total of 72% claim that if the product is worth the money, actually offering quality, they would more than likely buy it but it would definitely have to be worth what they are spending. The survey was taken to help advertisers get an idea of what the urban dwellers of Ireland truly want and need. They are a specific demographic and advertisers want to be able to target them as well. The survey that was conducted provides results from over 2,000 individuals who chose to participate.

The survey also provided some other important results, which includes the fact that many of the respondents, a total of 77%, feel that music is the most important aspect of the radio which is generally why they actually listen to it in the first place, followed by the 56% that feel news and sports were the most important aspect of the radio. Some of the things these people like to hear about on the radio include current news and affairs, as well as debates. To decide whether or not radio advertising was effective, the respondents were asked whether or not they felt radio advertising is effective and 88% of the respondents felt as though it is an effective way to advertise for specific products and brands. Television came in shortly behind on its influence and impact that it has on the spending and buying habits of these individuals.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes