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Obama Spending Millions on Election Advertisements

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The campaign for the current President of the United States, Barack Obama, has spent a total of about $100 million to be put toward television advertisements that will be featured in specific states, those that are specifically known for being the battleground states. The advertisements have been paid for and designed to portray Obama in a positive light while talking negatively on his competitor, Mitt Romney. Part of the strategy for this campaign is to put a lot of the advertisements in the Ohio area, especially since this is the state that Romney is looking to win over. Other states that are seeing these advertisements more frequently include Florida and Virginia.

The vast majority of advertisements in favor of Obama have also been used to criticize Romney and his personal beliefs as a Republican. Obama has spent millions more on television advertisements than the Romney campaign in hopes of grasping the attention of people in the United States and getting them to vote for him instead of his rival. In one of the most recent advertisements of Obama, Romney is accused of being in favor of cutting taxes for the rich while making it more difficult for the poor, expecting them to pay more in taxes. The advertisement also points out that Obama would like to raise taxes a bit for the wealthy since they are more able to afford it while making some cuts so that middle class citizens do not have to pay nearly as much, as it is sometimes too much.

While some believe that these advertisements are working effectively to help Obama win over votes from people in different states around the nation, others beg to differ. In fact, some people believe the advertisements do not do much justice simply because the economy is still sluggish and not a whole lot of progress has been made, meaning that many voters may be interested in having a new president come along and take over to see if he would be able to improve conditions for the United States and, more specifically, the economy as a whole.

The Romney campaign claims that even though Obama is trying to run Romney’s name through the mud as a way of getting more voters, the numbers at the polls are still favorable for Romney as well. And, the Romney campaign has also released advertisements making allegations and accusations against Obama, calling him a liar. In the next few months, people in the United States can expect to see a whole lot of advertising for the elections, especially since the elections will officially take place in November.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes