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Study Says Online Advertising Maximizing To Grow By 40 percent: Here’s How You Can Maximize Its Potential For Your Businesses

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Online advertising is one of the prime advertising platforms for all business, if not the prime platform. A study by Pew reveals that income from digital advertising stands to increase by 40 percent over the next three years. At the rate at which it is growing, it could outpace all other forms of advertising within the next four years, the report estimates.

Owing to this trend, the competition is getting tougher and the online ad space is attracting more and more ad traffic and the online marketplace is filling up to the point of overflowing. Unless you know how to navigate your way through this chaotic crowd, it is easy for small businesses to lose their way.

Irrespective of the method you use, be it Google, AdWords, Facebook Ads, content marketing or a combination of these, you need to know that your investment is reaping the full rewards and that you are using them to the fullest advantage and getting optimum mileage for your products and services at the lowest possible costs.

These tips will help you get the most from online ads:

It is recommended to use Google AdWords as it comes with lots of options, so much so that there will be a few that you are not even acquainted with.  One of the most beneficial features is ad site links; these allow you to add a few extra links to your website below your ad. These links can allow you the option of mentioning whatever you like under captions like “Free Trial,” “Pricing”, “Location,” and similar messages.

Most of these features are available free and won’t cost you any money, you can include them in your ad and they are simple to put up. Not only will this give your ad more matter, it will also make them bigger and make them standout in a space packed with ads. A bigger-than-others ad catches the eyes faster and will see an increase in your click-through rates.

Identify your “negative” keywords. Now that must have got you a little puzzled and confused. Negative keywords are those words that you don’t word your ads to appear for. Suppose you do not offer, free trials, free software or free samples, then obviously you will not want people to click on your ad and search for what freebie you have to offer. That will cost you money and not get you anything in return as those clicking on your ad, will not return your ad. So it is in your interest to include the word “free” as one of your negative key words.

Assess current analytics details to find negative keywords and practice using the Google Keyword Tool or the free Negative Keyword Tool from Wordstream, to better understand this concept.

Be sure about your target audience and the more specific you are the more effective your ads are going to be. When you are creating your Facebook ads, options are offered to you, whether you want to reach a broad based audience or you have any precise interest.

It is obvious that broad categories will get you a larger audience, but not a specific one. It is better to decide who you want to market your products or services to and choose on the many pre-determined categories of targeting options that Facebook provides, for example, you could choose between “single moms,” and “baseball fans.”

What’s more the precise interest categories are broken down even further for you to target an even more specific audience. Of course the audience will be much smaller but it will help you reach those whom you want to reach. Reaching out to the others does not make much sense does it? These categories can be sourced from Facebook’s profiles and activities.

It always pays to attach images to your Facebook. Remember the old adage that a picture speaks louder than a 1000 words, well it holds true even today.  When you want people to respond to a call-to-action ad, add an image. Facebook nowadays allows you to attach 100×72 pixel images, so you’d be nuts not to take advantage of it. Choose the image wisely and settle for one that is likely to attract more attention. Brand Logo’s are bland and it sometimes would be better to include images that include a person.

Lastly, think about retargeting or remarketing to people who have visited your site earlier. Many businesses choose to bypass the option of remarketing when they set up their Google AdWords account. It pays to activate this feature, as it will mean that every visitor to your site will be added to a list for remarketing. What is interesting is that even after they leave your page for another page that is also on the Google Display Network, then your workplace’s ads will appear on those other sites also, increasing your audience and staying on in the minds of those who had earlier visited your site.

Whichever be your preferred choice of online advertising, always keep in mind the importance of staying focussed on quality content. You must not come across as an over-ambitious aggressive salesperson, persistently peddling your products and pushing them in the faces of your potential buyers. This can actually have a negative impact and actually deter them rather than convince them. The right content can win over buyers, so quality not quantity should be your objective, in your advertisements.

Study Says Online Advertising Maximizing To Grow By 40 percent: Here’s How You Can Maximize Its Potential For Your Businesses by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes