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Next Level Text Allows Anyone to Fundraise

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Next Level Text App

Summary: A new iOS app released by Baker Enterprise allows fundraising organizations, individual consumers, and celebrities to create “texting scenes” to raise money.

Next Level Text is an app that gives opportunities for celebrities, individuals, and organizations to build awareness and raise money. The user creates and shares a video, called a texting scene, that they create with fans for a micro-fee or for free.

A “texting scene” is a 30 second video clip that the user creates to display a message. They can be personalized just like ringtones to allow you to express yourself through your “outgoing” SMS, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram messages.

You may have heard of “The Million Text Challenge” for Black History Month. Genealogist and author John F. Baker used the App to create awareness by starting the fundraising campaign. His goal was to educate the public about Black History. Supporters that accepted the challenge could download the App for free on iTunes where they would share a piece of Black History and raise money for the NAACP with every text message they send.

Another intention for the App was to help the music industry regain lost revenue from free music/audio downloads. The Next Level App can regain lost momentum with a brand new revenue stream.

There are many other uses for the App such as a celebrity or athlete sharing highlights with fans, a parent sharing a special moment with loved ones, a politician sharing an idea with supporters or raising money for their campaign, a musician promoting their work, or a philanthropist increases awareness for a cause.



Next Level Text Allows Anyone to Fundraise by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin