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China Claim Diaoyu Island Is Theirs In An Eye-Catching Ad In New York Times: How Would Americans Feel If The Japanese Said That Hawaii Was Theirs?

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Chinese industrialist and CEO of Jiangsu Huangpu Renewable Resources Recycling Company has published an ad in the New York Times, saying that China “solemnly declares to the U.S. Government and the American people”, that the Daioyu Islands belong to China and have belonged to them since ancient times.

China has seen a wave of violent anti-Japan protests across the country, with protestors vandalizing the Japanese embassy in Beijing and setting fire to Japanese cars and businesses.

The trouble started when Japan sought to ‘nationalize’ the islands by purchasing them from a private Japanese owner. Chinese foreign minister Yang Jiechi said that Japan had stolen the islands and urged them to immediately cease violating China’s territorial sovereignty. He said that “The moves taken by Japan are totally illegal and invalid.”

Japan Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, known for his critical views on China, said that Japan sees “no compromise” on the Diaoyu Islands with China.

Chen Guangbiao said that the reason why he has invested in this ad is that he wants to send a strong message across that even the Chinese entrepreneurs were determined in defending China’s sovereign rights. He said that the whole world should know about what the Japanese have done. He said that he was negotiating with Japanese media to publish the ads.

The text in the ad says, “Japan’s right wing is now violating China’s territorial sovereignty, and threatening stability and security in the Asia-Pacific region. I call on the U.S. government and people everywhere to condemn Japan’s provocative behavior”.

This advertisement, published in both English and Chinese then asks, “How would Americans feel, and what would America do, if Japan announced that Hawaii was its territory?”

Chen said that the idea of the ad came about when a survey of around a 1000 ordinary Americans in various cities revealed that only 20 knew about the issue and the outrage it had caused in China. “I found out that the Americans don’t know about the Diaoyu Islands at all, and this firmed my determination to make the ad even more.”

Chen is a controversial figure and the ad has garnered mixed response, with people calling him a concerned patriot to capitalizing on another opportunity for publicity. Chen Guangbiao in the ad calls himself a “citizen of China, advocate of peace”.

Chen says that it was difficult getting a Japanese newspaper to carry his ad but he is in negotiations with an influential Japanese newspaper, but they have quoted a through the ceiling price of “several tens of million yen”

“As long as they agree, I’ll pay as much money as it takes to post the advertisement,” Chen Guangbiao says.

China believes that there were some back room deals with the US over the islands and they were opposed to them. The islands, which the Japanese call the Senkaku Islands, have long been a contentious issue between the two countries and China for years has been demanding that they be returned to them.

China claims that they were tricked into signing a treaty to cede the islands to Japan in 1895. Japan says that when they surveyed the islands in 1895, the islands were uninhabited with “no trace of having been under the control of China.”

China Claim Diaoyu Island Is Theirs In An Eye-Catching Ad In New York Times: How Would Americans Feel If The Japanese Said That Hawaii Was Theirs? by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes