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Adecco Survey Says Contrary To Popular Opinion, Hiring Managers Prefer To Hire Mature Workers

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Age discrimination in the modern workplace is cause for many debates that engender social, moral and legal issues. The factor of age is uncontrollable and it is perceived incorrect to base work-performance on age.

It is generally assumed that employers opt for youth over the elderly when filling vacant positions at their workplaces. However, a new survey by Adecco says that it need not necessarily be so and that hiring managers are more likely to hire older workers, because they are more mature and responsible, not say more reliable and professional.

The report says that where the youth score over the mature workers is that they are smarter in using technology, taking direction and marketing themselves well, especially during interviews.

Elderly workers, those in the 50 plus age group have many things going for them. The report says that 60 percent of the hiring managers said that they would prefer hiring mature workers. Only 20 percent gave their preference for a millennial.

77 percent of hiring managers felt that the elderly workers were more patient and listened to advice carefully, 75 percent said they have a “positive work ethic.” 61 percent, compared to the younger set, said their experience made them better problem solvers and 75 percent said they are better leaders.

Female hiring managers were more likely to opt for an older worker than a younger one. An overwhelmingly high proportion of hiring managers, around 90 percent, said that the older workers were likely to be more dependable and professional.

However, what could make things a little difficult for the older workers is that they need more technological know-how. Moreover, with the management at the workplace getting younger, they may find taking directions from the younger management a little difficult and ego-busting and they are not as media savvy as the younger generation.

Some mistakes that the younger workers make benefit the older workers by default. They are inappropriately dressed for interviews; their casual jeans-clad appearance reflects a lackadaisical attitude. Moreover, they are prone to be using the social media rather irresponsibly and woefully lack writing skills.

70 percent of the hiring managers said that the youthful generation makes the mistake of posting confrontational content on social media sites.

The elderly will do well to turn the young workers shortcomings to their advantage. All they need is a good suit to make their appearance at interviews better than them. Be judicious in posting on social security sites, follow guidelines of media do’s and don’ts. Upgrading technology skills may be a little harder to attain but not that is unattainable.

The survey talked to 501 hiring managers. Janette Marx, a senior vice president at Adecco, says what lessons the mature workers should take from the survey is that there are many companies where mature workers are in demand and given preference over the youthful ones.

However, they need to become acquainted with technology. “It helps show that the older worker is on the cutting edge,” she says.

Adecco Survey Says Contrary To Popular Opinion, Hiring Managers Prefer To Hire Mature Workers by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes