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Attorney Ghostwriter is a service for attorneys and law firms who want to focus on practicing law rather than the mundane of marketing or business development.

A few years ago, the founder of Attorney Ghostwriter saw that more and more clients looked for attorneys through the Internet rather than tv, radio, telephone book, or other forms of media. Some law firms these days count on traffic to their websites for all their clients.

Attorney Ghostwriter is staffed by a licensed attorney who has graduated from law school, and knows the basics on almost every legal subject such that lawyers who need help with website content know they are engaging someone intelligent on the law and not just copying the content of other websites.

This business helps lawyers with advertising by offering services on website content such as practice area pages, bios, and learning centers to make prospective clients interested in staying on a website to read more and to return to a website to stay informed. Website content should not be stale. A law firm can get return visitors when it keeps people updated on the news, or educates on case or legislative changes in its practice areas. When a firm has consistent readers, the potential clients may think of the firm as the first to call when a legal problem arises.

Attorney Ghostwriter understands search engine optimization, Google Analytics, keywords and other technology such as videos and images to constantly make a firm’s website pop up more easily in search results.

Attorney Ghostwriter has helped law firms all over the United States with blogs.  There are many types of blogs. Some blogs are news updates to inform people of local news so they know they are not the only individuals with particular types of problems. For instance, a car accident attorney may want to keep the community updated on accidents, the dangers of drinking and driving, or child booster seats.  Other blogs give potential clients tips on what to do when a legal issue arises, such as a list of resources.

Besides helping to write pieces for the lay audience, Attorney Ghostwriter also helps law firms with law practice newsletters, a story for the bar association, or legal clients such as in-house counsel. Attorney Ghostwriter has staff with experience practicing law in corporate and law firm settings, and knows how to apply legal concepts to reality. This business can help a lawyer with legal research and writing of books and pamphlets, editing of “how to guides,” or training manuals meant for a legal audience.

Anyone interested in the services of Attorney Ghostwriter may contact AttorneyGhostwriter(at)gmail(dot)com.


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Authored by: Harrison Barnes