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Super Bowl 2013 Advertisements

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If there is one time that people look forward to advertisements, it is usually during the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl of 2013 will be here in less than three months. What may come as a surprise to some is the fact that CBS recently announced that a large portion of their advertisements slots, totaling to 90 percent, have already been sold, according to

More advertisements have been sold at this time for the Super Bowl than last year. John Bogusz, the executive vice president of sales for CBS, has said, “We have a handful of units left.” He also said, “We’re pacing well ahead of last time we had the game.”

CBS has a large number of advertisers already preparing for their advertisements slots during the Super Bowl. These advertisers are even paying a larger portion of money for the advertisements this year than they did last year. The total cost for an advertisement slot this year ranges from $3.7-$3.8 million. Last year, the cost for an advertisement slot was set at $3.5 million.

There are plenty of different companies who are taking advantage of advertising on one of the biggest televised events of the year. Some of these companies include Audi of America, Best Buy, Coke, Century 21, Ford, Doritos, Hyundai, and Volkswagen.

For Audi of America, the Bell and Partners agency is currently working on the development of an advertisement.  Best Buy has recently hired an entirely different agency to control their advertisement. The company is also looking to get involved with the social media aspect of advertising, so that the interaction with consumers will be even better. Coke has constantly advertised during the Super Bowl.

They are expected to advertise something new and different, steering away from the polar bear tradition. The Century 21 advertisement is currently still in the works. Ford has been dealing with a decline in sales for several decades, but they are working on an advertisement that will help them bring life to their name. They are looking to grasp the attention of younger drivers, getting them interested in what they have to offer. Doritos will be using an amateur advertisement, which is something that they have been doing for quite a while now.

Hyundai is still in the process of their Super Bowl advertisement. Volkswagen is also working on its advertisement, but one thing is known for sure, they have gotten rid of the dog idea and are going for a different approach this year. Overall, it will be exciting to see what these companies come up with.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes