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Facebook May Purchase Atlas Solutions

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An outside advertising network for Facebook could be coming sooner than expected. The popular social networking website is currently interested in purchasing the Atlas Solutions, which currently belongs to Microsoft. Just two months ago, Advertising Age made a report in which is stated that Microsoft had an interest in selling the ad server, and it is now possible that Facebook will be the one to buy it, according to Adweek.

In order for the acquisition to take place, the social networking website would need to know of the publisher relationships. Atlas Solutions has always seemed to come in second place against its rival, DoubleClick, which is provided by Google. However, if the acquisition with Facebook takes place, Facebook would be able to receive information on the amount of advertisements being seen, along with the response received on these advertisements.

Facebook is known for typically selling its own media, which includes advertisements featured on its own website for both computers and mobile devices. And, it is obvious that inventory is still good for the social networking website. However, with the acquisition of Atlas, Facebook would have a better opportunity to increase the number of its online ad impressions.

One of the primary reasons that this acquisition may take place is due to the fact that Facebook and Google are huge rivals with one another. Both Facebook and Google are competing for advertisement space on the internet. Atlas could give Facebook the opportunity to take a different direction, especially when it comes to connecting the buyers with the sellers.

At this point in time, Facebook has not provided any commentary on the possible acquisition, and neither has Microsoft. A spokesperson for both companies could not provide a comment on these recent reports that have been made.  However, it is believed that this could be quite possible, especially since Facebook has been showing signs of possibly working with a third-party advertising network.

Facebook has already made adjustments to the user policies, which allows Facebook advertisements to be featured on other websites, aside from just the Facebook website. Facebook has been continuously making moves to connect the platform with advertising in different ways. Facebook recently announced the launch of Facebook Exchange, which basically allows companies to target individuals on the internet with specific advertisements featured on Facebook based on what they search for online, outside of just the Facebook website.

Facebook also started to run advertisements on a different website, It seems as though Facebook has a lot of ambition when it comes down to online advertising. There is still a lot of progress that needs to be made.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes