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Right-To-Work Bill Passed in Michigan

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The state of Michigan voted on Tuesday to become the 24th right-to-work state in the country despite thousands of protestors at the capital in Lansing. The author of Sex, Politics and Religion: How Delusional Thinking is Destroying America, Steve Siebold, has spoken against unions in the United States and how they need to lose their grip on commerce and their control on jobs as over 12 million Americans remain unemployed.

“Union workers have become spoiled with tenure and guaranteed work based on every factor outside of job performance and results,” Siebold said.  “The idea that anyone is guaranteed a job because they live in the neighborhood and pay dues is a case of mass delusion.”

“The future belongs to the states who become Right-to-Work states, where unions have no power and cannot bully businesses. If you want to earn more money, bullying your employer with a mob isn’t the answer. Production is. If you want to earn more money, provide more service. End of story.”

Siebold has made it known that there is an appropriate time and place when unions are necessary in permitting the ‘little guy’ to have his voice heard. He also said that this is no longer the case in the United States.

“Joe lunch bucket, who 20 years ago needed a union to be heard, now has the power to cause a national uproar if he is mistreated in any way, even in The Motor City of Detroit, which was built on unions,” Siebold said. “The abuse of power is now coming from the unions instead of employers.  Union leaders refuse to give up their stranglehold on industry and government, and members subscribe to the idea that they have a right to a job, like it’s an entitlement awarded at birth.”

Michigan House Speaker Jase Bolger said the following during the floor debate: “This is about freedom, fairness and equality. These are basic American rights — rights that should unite us.” Bolger said that the future of Michigan “has never been brighter, because workers are free” after the vote, according to NPR.

Carl Levin, a U.S. Senator, said the following after the House vote: “For millions of Michigan workers, this is no ordinary debate. It’s an assault on their right to have their elected bargaining agent negotiate their pay, benefits and working conditions, and to have all who benefit from such negotiations share in some way in the cost of obtaining them.”

Governor Rick Snyder noted that he thinks the law is going to be challenged in court but should stand.

“Introducing freedom-to-work in Michigan will contribute to our state’s economic comeback while preserving the roles of unions and collective bargaining,” Snyder said.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes