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Another Obamacare Delay

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The official Obamacare exchanges have now opened, but, they are now suffering technical difficulties. By October 1, it was claimed that individual persons would be able to sign up. It was also stated that small businesses would be able to buy coverage for all of their employees, but that simply didn’t happen. Still, only individuals are able to buy insurance through the health exchanges. The Small Business Health Options Program, or SHOP, was designed to get small businesses interested in Obamacare. There have been delay after delay getting this off the ground. This is not helped by the fact that the Obama administration has dropped the requirement that small businesses have to be offered multiple insurance plans from different companies. That may mean that the federal option is the only option, for federal run exchanges. With a flagging federal budget, this is not a winning proposition. Apparently, the rule requiring multiple plans is still in effect for state-run exchanges, but the federal government continues to backpedal. They are agreeing to delay enforcement. Many people just aren’t being helped by Obamacare. The president’s most famous and infamous law has been delayed before, so this is not the end to the delays.

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Another Obamacare Delay by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes