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Why Interns Should be Paid

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According to the Fair Labor Standards Act, private sectors that employ interns for their personal benefit must pay them compensation for the hours they work for their employers. For legally employing unpaid interns, certain guidelines have to be followed, i.e. the internship is solely for the benefit of the intern and is more of a training given in an educational environment and the employer is not benefiting from the activities of the intern. If the private sector is employing unpaid interns for their own advantage, then they will have to face the law for not paying the interns.

Recent research have shown that paid interns perform better than unpaid ones and both the employer and the intern are benefited in this situation. Paid interns are happier and more efficient and spend more time on their professional work rather than on menial tasks. Companies employing paid interns are benefited as they have greater access to qualified students who after completing their internship can be employed by the same companies where they received their internship, thus, both benefiting from this arrangement. Firms employing unpaid interns must keep in mind that though they are following the law, they are indirectly forcing the interns to take up other jobs to meet their financial needs, thus harming the interns professionally.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes