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How Government Shutdown Will Affect You

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The government shutdown is going to affect businesses which are affected by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Department of Labor. Whether or not one will be able to avoid oversight by these two governmental divisions, will depend on the current state of an investigation. If no investigation is going on, an investigation is unlikely to be started up unless it is a life-or-death emergency. If that’s the case, OSHA will still respond. If minor regulations are not followed, companies might avoid penalties. On the other hand, the shutdown mode might immediately change, so companies shouldn’t really use this as an opportunity to escape responsibility. If recovery happens in a few days, all employees will return and companies could become caught off guard. A total of 16,304 Department of Labor employees have been cut down to 2,954. Of those employees who are kept, OSHA has the largest percentage of employees which will be retained. The OLMS is also shutting down, but they are still going to process criminal investigations which have a statutory time limit. EEOC will also keep 100 employees around, which will not process FOIA requests or deal with public relations. They also will not do any kind of mediation or litigation.

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How Government Shutdown Will Affect You by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes