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The Silliest Resume Mistakes

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Well, it appears job hunters can make some silly mistakes when it comes to writing up their resume. CareerBuilder noted that some resumes were music videos. Others misspelled “Skills” as “Skelze.” Some resumes even had typos which made it look like they were a text message! One was written in the Klingon language from Star Trek. Another was submitted by an employee to the same company which he was fired from before. One resume just said “Hire me!” and that was all it contained. Another resume claimed that the candidate spent jail time due to assaulting his old boss. Oh, and worst of all? One resume didn’t even include a name! Even if you aren’t going to be unprofessional enough to make these kinds of grave errors, there are still plenty of mistakes that can be made which are just about equally as bad. Having typos at all is a good way to get your resume canned. Writing a generic resume, without any differentiation for required skill sets in a particular field is also frowned upon. Having photos in your resume, or printing it on some kind of decorative paper also looks unprofessional. If you make sure you include proper contact information, proper lists of skills and the correct dates of employment from previous jobs, you can make sure your resume is received well by hiring managers.

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The Silliest Resume Mistakes by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes