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Need More Green??

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To get this blog post rollin’, here’s our starter–a sweet little tidbit from Mr. Quirky himself, famed film director Woody Allen: “Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.” Well, duh.

Most certainly a little money is better than no money and a lot is better than a little, and in the current economic tornado, dough is def muy importante. You don’t want to lose any of those fantastic material goods (not to make too light of the situation, you obviously wouldn’t want to be kicked to the curb of your own neighborhood street because your home was foreclosed, either) you’ve acquired in your twenties because you gotta sell them for ramen noodles, do you?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, EmploymentCrossing can help you snag a bigger paycheck! We have this really awesome method of scouring the interwebs and rounding up THOUSANDS of jobs and magically organizing them so you can find what ya want in a snap. Whipya!…that’s my snap noise, btw.

So if you’d like to purchase brand-name TP, instead of the stuff that chafes your naughty bits, you better get a move on with our free trial. Better paying jobs await 😉

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Authored by: PRGUY222