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Newspaper Cuts Being Made

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When news is happening, the newspapers are first to announce without any hesitation. The news basically does not wait but in a twist, newspapers might start asking their readers to start waiting. Several newspaper publishers have announced that they will be making cuts when it comes down to how often the newspaper comes out. For example, The Times-Picayune, which is released in New Orleans, has recently announced that its newspaper will only come out three days within the week now. Shortly after its announcement, other publications announced that they would no longer be issuing their newspaper for the Sunday edition.

The fact of the matter is that daily newspapers have lost their edge, especially with the increasing number of people who are now relying on their mobile devices for all of the news updates they want and need. Newspaper executives and all of those who work in the newspaper industry know and understand this. The chief executive officer for Digital First Media, John Paton, says that he would not reduce the print schedule of his newspapers, at least not until there was more digital advertising available to make up for the cuts. Paton says he understand the connection that people have to newspapers, especially since his father was a printer. He feels emotionally tied to print papers and feels that anyone who has a care for journalism will understand.

Many newspaper executives believe that if they cut back on the publishing of their newspapers, they can easily reel those customers into connecting with them on their websites instead of relying on the print version, which would drive traffic to their site and increase revenue over on that side of the fence. However, many industry analysts have sent out a warning, stating that those who were raised to read a daily newspaper will feel a sense of betrayal if they are not receiving the daily paper each day as they are used to and expect. Basically, when doing this, the loyalty is thrown out of the window. It is a risk that some are willing to take because they believe they can get their readers to go online but in a way, it can drive people away altogether, especially if they feel that the newspaper they once loved and relied on is no longer dependable or loyal.

In the meantime, the newspaper executives feel that by cutting back the amount of days in which newspapers are printed, they will be able to cut costs, not only on print and paper but also on delivery fees, as it can be quite expensive having newspapers delivered on a daily basis. They believe that they have a great idea and that cutting back will work out well but only time will tell.

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Newspaper Cuts Being Made by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes