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Weekend Box Office Sees Good Results for “Catching Fire”

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One of the November box office hits has expanded since its prequel, and that movie is “Hunger Games: Catching Fire”. The movie is a sequel to Hunger Games, which was about a totalitarian government in the future which sent young people to the death in a modern version of gladiator combat. The new movie seems to have had a much wider demographic spread, as the ratio between men and women who watched the film on its opening night was more balanced. It’s also attracted more men and younger people, and that’s partially attributed to the fact that they used Imax cameras in the filming of battle scenes – as well as advertising using fight scenes. The drama is all well and good, and the storyline is enthralling, but it’s the battles between the contestants that really made this movie stand out this month. Taking around $135 million in production, it cost a lot more to film this production. There was a wider variety of locations used in the filming, as well as a lot more attention put into special effects. It can only have helped that Jennifer Lawrence, who played Katniss Everdeen in the first movie, came back to play the part again.

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Weekend Box Office Sees Good Results for "Catching Fire" by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes