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Barnes & Noble Step Up Their Holiday Advertising

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Barnes & Noble

Summary: With the holiday season in full swing, Barnes & Noble is taking a new approach to bring customers into their stores.

Nothing quite says the holidays like “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” Add the sweet voice of Tony Bennett and they spark of Lady Gaga and the song is sure to make a statement.

Roberts + Langer DDB created the commercial featuring the two, calling “Tony and Gaga a great mashup of classic and modern.” The target of the commercial is to tell their audience that “Barnes & Noble has something to inspire everyone, no matter your background, age or interests.”

Amy Sacks, head of the creative group, explains why Barnes & Noble wanted this commercial filmed, “Barnes & Noble is more than a place that you buy a book. It’s a place that brings people together. There’s a certain energy and excitement of being around other people who share your passions.”

The holiday season is a crucial time for any store to pick up some extra business. This rings especially true for stores like Barnes & Noble that have to compete with online retailers that offer books at lower prices. Competing with e-commerce companies that provide digital books, movies, and music is causing not only Barnes & Noble stores to close left and right.

The bookstore hopes that they can get a jump on the holiday market by attracting the “classic and modern” consumers to make this season a success.



Barnes & Noble Step Up Their Holiday Advertising by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin