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The Aftermath Of The BP Oil Spill

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It was just four years ago when an oil well belonging to BP started pouring out into the Gulf Of Mexico. A fisherman, George Barisich, was just one of many volunteers who used their own boats to fix the mess that the oil spill made. With tons of gallons spilled into the water, the results were devastating, and there was a major need for any help available to remove oil from the water, according to The Houston Chronicle.

The BP Oil Spill will go down in United States history as being the worst spill to have ever happened. The only good thing about the spill was the willingness to help that came from those living in the Gulf Coast. Many residents gathered together, including Barisich, to contribute to the cleanup.

The downfall to cleaning up after the oil spill, according to Barisich, is new health problems. At the time, cleaning up as much oil as possible seemed like a good idea to him. With all the oil in the water, it would prevent him from fishing and make the money he once was able to make. With hopes of getting thing back on track, he spent a lot of time out in that water being exposed to the harsh fumes of the oil. He has now expressed his regret for making that original decision to go out in the water and help.

At 58 years old, he is now suffering from medical problems that first developed during the cleanup. He claims that while helping clean the oil, he had respiratory issues that eventually caused him to have pneumonia. Although his personal physician would not provide commentary, Barisich claims that he can no longer run and is not able to do some of the things he was once able to do, and he is not the only one making such claims.

Thousands of other individuals have filed claims against BP, stating that their health is no longer in the condition that it was in just four years ago. BP has reached a settlement deal that would provide money to those who have been affected, providing them with compensation for the illnesses they are now dealing with. As long as there is a connection to the oil spill, BP is willing to provide compensation to those who rightfully deserve it.

Dr. Dale Sandler stated that research proves those who have worked on cleaning up oil spills in the past were often suffering from respiratory issues just a few years later. According to Sandler, the connection is there. Those who have made claims of poor health conditions since the cleanup efforts are willing to undergo examinations that could be used to prove the point that they are trying to make; the exposure to oil caused them some harm.

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The Aftermath Of The BP Oil Spill by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes