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Concerns Over Recent Hiring at Carter Carburetor Site

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The Carter Carburetor site was once a breeding ground of harmful toxins. Asbestos materials were once used inside the building, thus resulting in exposure that could cause bodily harms to individuals who were around it. Because of the dangers of asbestos, all asbestos from the building is set to be removed in the next few weeks, according to St. Louis Today.

The Environmental Protection Agency asked people living in and around the area to come out and receive updates about what was going on with the site and what kinds of progress was being made. Many residents were glad to hear that the building, which has been vacant for quite a long time and is completely contaminated, would be torn down. However, they did have a few other things on their mind.

The meeting was held at the Herbert Hoover Boys and Girls Club. Those who live in the area expressed their concerns over the cleaning up process of the demolished building. According to the residents of the neighborhood, the contractors who were responsible for the cleanup did not give other firms, specifically those that are owned by minorities, enough notice to get involved with cleaning the leftover remains of the building.

The residents complained that it makes no sense to have contractors coming from different cities or states to clean up something that is a major part of their neighborhood when there are people within the community who are desperately seeking jobs and could use the extra work. They pointed out the high unemployment rate for the African American men living in the area.

For nearly 20 years, there have been discussions about this building removal project. The Environmental Protection Agency was finally able to come to a set agreement with the person who once owned the company and the building back in 1930. During that time, the building was used as a factory to product certain items.

After the agreement was reached, ACF Industries LLC was set to become the main contractors for the cleanup process. They have a lot of work to do, which includes removing the asbestos entirely before beginning to tear the building down as a way of avoiding having those toxins spread in the air.

Activity on the project is finally starting to happen. The ACF is paying to cleanup the building, but that means the opportunity to hire minority contractors isn’t exactly something they can do. The taxpayers will be able to save money instead, but some neighborhood residents are still upset about the lack of support for community members.

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Concerns Over Recent Hiring at Carter Carburetor Site by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes