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The Role of Networking in the Modern Job Search

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The way people find jobs has changed. Seeing someone with a red pen and the newspaper’s classified section is a rarity, and today, online job boards and social media sites are two of the best ways to find work. Networking is still a key way to find a job, but the methods have changed. What role does networking still play in a person’s job search, and how has networking evolved in the last decade? Job search experts provide their thoughts about networking below. I’d say that networking in the job search has changed with the birth of LinkedIn. Now someone can target a hiring manager or business owner and find out which of their contacts might know them by a few clicks and keystrokes. Rather than asking around, one can almost instantly target him/her and network their way to an introduction and/or reference. Read More

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The Role of Networking in the Modern Job Search by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes