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How to Follow Through on a Bold Goal in the Workplace

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Every work place is a structure with an imposing agenda: of you they want the most you can immediately give, and will seek out your most obvious talents and apply them for certain results. You, as an individual, as a private person, as a member of a family, a church, a philosophy school, whatever, should also have your private agenda, one that works counterpoint to the company’s desire, not to negate them but to deepen what they are after. What this means is that you should have a plan for how you are to grow and advance with the company, and this plan should be of your own private making, not a career track set out by your boss. What you ultimately become on the job might be different than your boss imagines.

Ultimately, your boss doesn’t know what you are capable of. Even you don’t know what you can do till you’ve dreamed it and dared it. The company you are with will want to set you on a track that has worked before. Few businesses can stand bold innovation. It is up to you to decide who and what you want to be five years from now, and to step up to the plate and actually do it. Nobody can do it for you, and nobody will have done it, that you can follow them. It is you blazing a trail where none of have before. Invent your own personal brand.

So how to keep your grounding? A simple matter. Find a notebook or a piece of paper, and write your goal at the top. Then under it, write the five basic steps you have to achieve that goal. Than under that, put an inspiring quote that will fuel your journey. Simple as this. Consider this paper your “Daily Orientation,” and review it each morning with your breakfast and coffee. By returning your mind always to your purpose, it will slowly sink in and begin to do its magic. Having a plan makes a strong effect.

How to Follow Through on a Bold Goal in the Workplace by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes